Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Rewatchmen - Season 2 Episode 12 - Goodfellas

Back together after a short break, we just couldn't keep our excitement from making this a bit of a long cast, so to make things easier, I broke it into two parts. Part One is the news and Trailers, where we discuss current movie buzz about Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Anchorman 2, and get reactions from the crew about Prometheus, Total Recall, and Ted.
You can DOWNLOAD this part of the Episode by clicking HERE! And why wouldn't you?

News is out the gate, Trailer Trash starts at 1:00:40

And now for the Rewatch - Today, we discuss the masterpiece Goodfellas. Hear how Ben, Mike, Steve and T.C. feel about chicken fingers and the rise and fall of Henry Hill.

Then, at 40:30, celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the podcast! Click HERE to DOWNLOAD this second half of the cast! And seriously, why would you not?

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