Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Rewatchmen - Adam Sandler

The Rewatchmen are back with a discussion on Adam Sandler, and T.C. has nothing but questions! But Ben has some answers! Answers with boobs?

And NEWS covering:

Star Trek's sequel finally!
T.C.'s "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" retraction
A brief review of half of "Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norell"
No surprises from QT and Hjango Unchained
Expendables Reboot! Female Expendables?
Mel "Sugar Tits" Gibson
Denzel saves another vehicle!

Also, Ben drops a challenge on the 'cast!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Rewatchmen - Spirited Away

Ben gives us a re-review of 2001 Hayao Miyazaki animated film "Spirited Away" and we discuss some of the top news stories, including:
The Star Wars changes
Woody Allen
Taylor Lautner's balls dropping
Sin City 2
The Expendables reboot
And with the Summer now over, Ben shares his excitement for the fall.
Also, T.C.'s Book Corner? Books on the Rewatchmen?